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The new Kindle Fire HD

After less than one year Amazon launch today two new versions of Kindle Fire: Kindle Fire HD 8.9 (with Fire HD 8.9″ 4G LTE Wireless sub-version) and Kindle Fire HD 7. We will come with a review of Kindle Fire HD very soon. Till then let’s see what improvements of Kindle Fire and I’ll start with Kindle Fire HD 8.9.

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The 8.9” display on Kindle Fire HD features an incredible 254 pixels per inch with a resolution of 1920×1200, with pixels that are indistinguishable to the human eye.

The first difference is clear: the screen is bigger now. The 8.9 inch screen come for all users that think that a 7 inch display is too small and 10 inch display is too big. So, now they are happy to get 8.9 inch display Gorilla Glass with 254 pixels per inch and a resolution of 1920×1200.

And because I talk about screen you should be interested to find that most tablet displays are made up of two pieces of glass—an LCD on the bottom and a touch sensor on the top, separated by an air gap. This air gap allows light to come through the touch sensor and reflect off the LCD, which causes added glare for the user. Fire HD solves this air gap problem by laminating the touch sensor and the LCD together into a single layer of glass, creating a display that is easy to view even in overhead light, and reducing glare by 25% relative to the latest generation iPad.

Kindle Fire HD 8.9” weighs only 20 ounces and is just 8.8 mm thin. Also Kindle Fire HD supports Bluetooth and features a front-facing HD camera

CPU is important for tablets, so the 8.9” Kindle Fire HD is powered by the latest generation OMAP4 4470 processor and Imagination SGX544 graphics engine capable of over 12 billion floating point operations per second—50 percent more than Tegra 3, and both Kindle Fire HD 7” and 8.9” come with higher memory bandwidth than Tegra 3.

The 3G is available for Kindle Fire HD but is not free like we use to get from Kindle Keyboard 3G. Customers will have access to a 12-month data plan with 250MB per month, 20GB of Amazon Cloud storage, and a $10 credit in the Amazon Appstore for a one-time cost of $49.99.

All versions of Kindle Fire HD are available for Pre-order at Amazon (LINK).

Kindle Fire HD 7 16 GB – $199
Kindle Fire HD 7 32 GB – $249
Kindle Fire HD 8.9 16 GB – $299
Kindle Fire HD 8.9 32 GB – $369
Fire HD 8.9″ 4G LTE Wireless 32 GB – $499
Fire HD 8.9″ 4G LTE Wireless 64 GB – $599

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