Reviews eBook Readers

Who is afraid of NOOK Tablet?

Barnes & Noble follows the trend and released 7 inch NOOK Tablet. As you can guess the new NOOK Tablet is not a direct competitor for iPad 2, it is meant to be a Kindle Fire killer. NOOK Tablet comes with access to the world’s largest digital bookstore via Wi-Fi. NOOK Tablet features a 1GHz dual-core ...


Nook Color in Black Friday preview

I'm waiting Black Friday to see if some retailer make big discounts for ebook readers, or alt least to some ebooks. Now, I'm glad to find that Walmart has announced its Black Friday preview, this Saturday at 11 a.m. The name of the event is Super Saturday and I find a ebook reader in discount list: Nook Color for ...


Comparison of the best e-book readers

What is most important feature for a ebook reader device? Display size? Storage options? Connectivity? Touch screen? Do you like to read only in the dark? Choose a ebook with LCD. Do you read a lot outside? Buy one with eInk display. Do you read a lot in any time of the day? Choose with eInk display and buy an ...


Barnes & Noble NOOK COLOR

Barnes & Noble NOOK COLOR is the new star in ebook readers world. Everyone praises Barnes & Noble NOOK COLOR reader but what is my verdict? Read this NOOK COLOR review and find out! Barnes & Noble NOOK COLOR display Barnes & Noble NOOK COLOR Storage Barnes & Noble NOOK COLOR portability ...