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Who is afraid of NOOK Tablet?

Barnes & Noble follows the trend and released 7 inch NOOK Tablet. As you can guess the new NOOK Tablet is not a direct competitor for iPad 2, it is meant to be a Kindle Fire killer. NOOK Tablet comes with access to the world’s largest digital bookstore via Wi-Fi. NOOK Tablet features a 1GHz dual-core ...


Nook: the simple touch reader

From my point of view there are two big competitors on the eBook reader devices market: Amazon Kindle and Barnes & Noble NOOK. Sony cannot win in this battle, at least for the moment. For last months the king was Amazon Kindle with good price, great performance, outstanding autonomy. Barnes & Noble fight back with ...


Barnes & Noble NOOK COLOR

Barnes & Noble NOOK COLOR is the new star in ebook readers world. Everyone praises Barnes & Noble NOOK COLOR reader but what is my verdict? Read this NOOK COLOR review and find out! Barnes & Noble NOOK COLOR display Barnes & Noble NOOK COLOR Storage Barnes & Noble NOOK COLOR portability ...