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Welcome to Kindle dictionary. Here you will find all about an amazing device: KINDLE. If you want to know more about Kindle and you cannot find an info about it in this page please let a comment and I’ll update this article as soon as possible.

What is Kindle?
About Kindle
Kindle History
Kindle Specs
Books for Kindle
Free Books for Kindle
Convert Books for Kindle
Kindle how to
Kindle Sales

What is Kindle? The Kindle is an ebook reader made and developed by Amazon. It use pearl eink technology display with 16 shades of gray. Thanks to eink reading is like on normal paper, so no more red eyes when you read a pdf file.
But the most important advantage of Kindle is that it is connected to Amazon network so it is easy to download thousands of books or to subscribe to important newspapers or magazines. Moreover, Kindle owners can subscribe to 2 weeks trial newspapers or magazines.


About Kindle
Now there are five models available on Amazon: Kindle, Kindle Touch WiFi, Kindle Touch 3G + WiFi, Kindle with keyboard WiFi, Kindle with keyboard 3G + WiFi and Kindle Fire (this last one is a tablet not an ebook reader).
Also, each Kindle (except Fire) has 2 version: one cheaper and sponsored by screen saver ads (Kindle Special Offers) and one without Special Offers at full price.

Kindle History
First Kindle was launch by Amazon back in November 19, 2007 only in US at 399USD and it features 6 inch display. It was only Kindle with expandable memory card slot. For unknown reasons Amazon drop this SD feature in all others future Kindle devices.

Kindle 2 was announced two years later on February 10, 2009. Improvement was in memory (2GB for Kindle 2 vs 250MB for Kindle 1), life battery and size. Initial price was $359 but in the end of the year price drop to $259. Moreover, one year later in 2010 summer Amazon drop the Kindle 2 price to $189 as a reaction to Nook.

Kindle DX was launched in may 2009 for users looking for large display. It features 9.7 inch display and was very expensive: $489 at launch date. Even now the Kindle DX price is high: $379.00, but at least now it has 4GB (at the launch it has only 128MB).

Kindle 3 come on July 28, 2010 and it was a huge improvement over Kindle 2. Amazing battery live, Free 3G, 4GB storage, web browser, text-to-speech. In 2011 Kindle 3 was renamed Kindle Keyboard because of new Kindle generation but it was keep in Amazon list.


Kindle Touch come in autumn 2011 and it was fist Kindle with touch display. The keyboard was removed so the size and weight was improved.

Kindle 4 was made by Amazon with the price in mind. No speakers, no 3G and no touch or keyboard. At only $79 it was a hit.

Kindle Fire is a tablet with IPS touch diplay not an ebook reader with eink, but Amazon promote this 7inch tablet as a member of Kindle family. With Kindle Fire, Amazon attacks iPad but the smaller display is a big disadvantage.

Kindle Specs

Model Display Portability Conectivity Storage Features
Color Display Display technology Resolution

Touch screen

Display size Weight Height Width Depth 3G WiFi Internal Card reader Text-to-speech Web browser
Kindle Touch 3G No eInk Pearl 800×600 Yes 6inch 7.8oz (220g) 6.8in (172mm) 4.7in (120mm) 0.40in (10.1mm) No Yes 3GB No Yes Yes
Kindle Touch WiFi No eInk Pearl 800×600 Yes 6inch 7.5oz (213g) 6.8in (172mm) 4.7in (120mm) 0.40in (10.1mm) Yes Yes 3GB No Yes Yes
Kindle 4 No eInk Pearl 800×600 No 6inch 5.98oz (170g) 6.5in (166mm) 4.5in (114mm) 0.34in (8.7mm) No Yes 2GB No No Yes
Kindle Fire Yes LCD 1024×600 Yes 7inch 14.6oz (413g) 7.5in (190mm) 4.7in (120mm) 0.45in (11.4mm) No Yes 8GB No Yes Yes
Kindle 3 No eInk Pearl 800×600 No 6inch

8.5oz (240g)

7.5in (190mm) 4.8in (122mm) 0.335in (8.5mm) No Yes 3GB No Yes Yes
Kindle 3 3G No eInk Pearl 800×600 No 6inch 8.7oz (246g) 7.5in (190mm) 4.8 in (122mm) 0.335 in (8.5mm) Yes Yes 3GB No Yes Yes
Kindle DX No eInk Pearl 1200×824 No 9.7inch 18.9oz (535.8g) 10.4in (264.2mm) 7.2in (182.9mm) 0.38in (9.6mm) Yes No 3GB No Yes Yes

Books for Kindle
There are over 800,000 books available for download. The prices are lower than printed real books. You can buy the books using your computer (in Amazon Kindle Books departament) (the books will be delivered to your device as soon you will connect it to Internet) or on Kindle using WiFi or 3G is available.

Free Books for Kindle
There are so many free ebooks for Kindle but not many people know where to find those free books. Also, Amazon don’t promote this almost secret page but it is logic to hide it… This is the link 1 and link 2 to the magic pages for free Kindle ebooks! Download the free ebooks as you find it because prices change quickly and tomorrow may be is not free anymore…
Also, please notice that some free books may not be available for customers from your location.

Also, you can find ebooks for free on or but after download you must upload the book by USB port to your Kindle.

Convert Books for Kindle
Kindle use Amazon’s proprietary DRM-restricted format: AZW but users can upload others format using USB or send them to a special email address. The Kindle software does not support EPUB ebook standard but you can use special software to covert into the unprotected Mobipocket. Also, for converting you can use the Amazon free program called KindleGen (it is a command line tool used to build eBooks).

Kindle how to
Kindle is ready to use as you open the box. The Kindle devices come in a special software setup made for you: your name, a new email address for you.
power switch for 15 seconds exactly, then release

If your Kindle suddenly freezes don’t panic. Follow those steps:
1. Try to charge it for few minutes. Maybe no power..
2. Do a soft reset: press the ALT, Shift, and R keys simultaneously.
3. Do a hard reset: Unplug the Kindle and reset it by holding the power switch power switch for 15 seconds exactly, then release. If doesn’t work and it is still unresponsive, try charging Kindle before resetting the device once again.

Kindle Touch

Kindle Sales
It has a huge success and it is the best sellers in ebook readers wordwide: 48% of them are Kindle models. You can find all new Kindle on Amazon:

Kindle Touch WiFi
Kindle Touch 3G + WiFi
Kindle with keyboard WiFi
Kindle with keyboard 3G + WiFi
Kindle Fire

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