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Kindle Black Friday

Last year Amazon sold thousands of Kindle on Black Friday fast deal. Believe it or not, all those Kindles was sold out in few seconds! You may almost hear how the webpage of the deal scream for help because too many hits…

The deal was posted at 9 a.m. but was visible before activate so a lot of people was on the page waiting to push the buy button at 9 a.m. sharp. Few seconds after the sold out was displayed. This upset a lot of people because they miss the deal and criticize Amazon for this story. Some of them even claim that was a false advertising.

kindle black friday
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Kindle Black Friday on Amazon: sold out in few seconds.

Who wasn’t fast and miss the deal write on the Amazon forum like this:

Amazon knew it would be flooded with people wanting this product across the country. To have it NOT available from the SECOND it goes on sale is FRAUD. New laws are needed to govern this sort of sale situation.

This was horrible. I set my alarm to make sure I was going to be able to get one of the kindels… but .. I guess I’ll just have to wait and get one of the $139, or a competitor’s version.

The last year Kindle Black Friday was real good deal: $89 as the list price was $189. You could buy a lot of books with saved $100…

This year the Amazon Lightning Deals display only few products before activation time. You can see only a generic gold box and few words.

black friday deals
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This year Black Friday deals don't give you too many details before activation time.

For Black Friday 2011 I’m sure that we will see at least a Kindle deal. Maybe there will be Kindle Keyboard 3G or even Kindle Fire. I hope for Kindle Touch 3G at $89.

I’ll pay attention to this and when Amazon will post the deal I’ll announce here, Twitter and Facebook. Keep one eye on this website on Black Friday and Cyber Monday and you’ll never miss any good deals for ebook readers.

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