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Kindle 3G Vs Nook – is The King dead?

One year ago I saw the Kindle 3G in a friend’s hand. It was love at first sight… (for Kindle of course not for my friend…) and in 2 days I was on Amazon to order one for me. Now, after one year of intense use I can say that the Kindle 3G is the perfect ebook reader device. But in Technology kingdom a king don’t stay too much time in the throne (one exception: iPhone, OK maybe two: iPhone and iPad…) and pretenders are fresh, faster and sometimes better.

Now, the pretender to the KING of the ebook readers kingdom is the new Nook.

I bring the Kindle 3G and Nook in a eight rounds comparison and in the end we’ll see who is the winner.

Round 1. Display: Kindle 3G Vs Nook
Round 2. Storage: Kindle 3G Vs Nook
Round 3. Portability: Kindle 3G Vs Nook
Round 4. Autonomy: Kindle 3G Vs Nook
Round 5. Books: Kindle 3G Vs Nook
Round 6. Interface: Kindle 3G Vs Nook
Round 7. Connectivity: Kindle 3G Vs Nook
Round 8. General experience: Kindle 3G Vs Nook
My conclusion

Display: Kindle 3G Vs Nook
From my point of view, Kindle 3G and Nook displays are almost the same: E Ink Pearl and 6 inch. Nook collect an extra point with infrared-powered touchscreen. So, Nook – Kindle 3G 2-1

Storage: Kindle 3G Vs Nook
Kindle come with 4GB (3GB free for books) and Nook come with only 2GB. Ready to tie as Kindle 3G get 1 point and Nook nil ? Not so fast!
Let’s talk about extra storage features: Nook has microSDHC, Kindle nothing… So, Kindle 3G – Nook 1-1 for storage, 2-3 till now in total.

Portability: Kindle 3G Vs Nook
Let’s Talk Figures. Kindle is thinner than Nook, but Nook is shorter and less weight than Kindle.

Kindle 4 Kindle 3 Kindle touch Nook
Weight: 8.70oz (246 grams) 7.80oz (220grams) 7.48oz (212 grams) 7.48oz (212 grams)
Height: 6.5in (166mm) 7.5in (190mm) 6.8in (172mm) 6.5in (165mm)
Width: 4.5in (114mm) 4.8in (122mm) 4.7in (120mm) 5.0in (127mm)
Depth: 0.34in (8.7mm) 0.335in (8.5mm) 0.40in (10.1mm) 0.47in (11mm)


Nook get 1 point, Nook – Kindle 3G 4-2

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Kindle Vs Nook Height: 195 Kindle vs 165 Nook

Autonomy: Kindle 3G Vs Nook
The autonomy is the same (1 -2 months depend of how you use it), so no points for this…

Books: Kindle 3G Vs Nook
I found lots of books for Kindle and lots of books for Nook. Also, I found free book for each. The minor difference is that Nook is Library compatible, Kindle not. But with Kindle 3G you can get any books, any time thanks to 3G connection. When we are talking about e-books, both devices are excellent ebooks readers, so Nook – Kindle 3G 1-1 (total Nook – Kindle 3G 5-3)

Interface: Kindle 3G Vs Nook
If you see that Nook feature touchscreen display you will think that Nook is more user friendly than Kindle. Wrong! from my point of view Kindle’s interface is more easy to understand (no need to read the manual to use it at full potential). My verdict is Kindle 1 – Nook 0 (total Nook – Kindle 3G 5-4

Connectivity: Kindle 3G Vs Nook
Nook come with WiFi, Kindle 3G come with WiFi + 3G. No doubt about who is the king of connectivity. Now, we have tie before last round. Who will be the winner? Who?

General experience: Kindle 3G Vs Nook
Kindle come with features like Text-to-speech and Web browser (combine with 3G is amazing to have free 3G access to twitter, Facebook or any websites). Nook not…
Final score Nook – Kindle 3G 5-6

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My conclusion

So, the new and old king of ebook readers, the best ebook reader device is the Kindle 3G still. But if you don’t care about 3G, Text-to-speech or Web browser choose the Nook the simple touch reader and don’t look back…

Kindle 3G Vs Nook - is The King dead?, reviewed by David Stephan on 2011-08-14T19:59:26+00:00 rating 9.1 out of 10
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  2. Reply Brian August 15, 2011 at 5:07 pm

    Where did the images come from? My Nook STR’s screen is considerably lighter than my Kindles. I’ve read other people reporting the same but the pictures above make me wonder if mine is somehow defective.

    i agree at every round but I would ding the Nook’s display score for it’s dimness & for having fonts that go from just-a-bit-too-small-for-me-to-read to freakin’ huge in one step.

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