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JWF eReaderPRO

Are you looking for an alternative to Kindle or Nook? Here it is what you need: JWF eReaderPRO. The JWF eReaderPRO is a 6″ E Ink (800×600 resolution) e-reader and the overall aim of the eReaderPRO is to make the whole experience as simple as possible – for all users.

JWF eReaderPRO is due for release Feb 25th in the UK and it will be available at a later date in the US (it will be primarily be available on Amazon).


JWF eReaderPRO specs

6″ e-ink 16 level gray scale display (800×600 resolution)
180g in weight
10mm thick
128mb built-in memory (with SD card slot to support up to 8gb – an SD card may be part of a bundle package with the eReaderPRO)
Charges through Micro USB (via PC or USB wall charger (UK charger included))
eBook support: PDF,TXT,EPUB,FB2 and more
Image support: Most formats
Audio support: Most formats
A soft-touch rubber outer coating – making the eReaderPRO both comfortable to hold and durable
A 4-way D-pad with central select button
5 physical function buttons
11 vertical buttons, allowing fast navigation through menus, chapters, and games (#0-9 and a ‘Trash’ button allowing file organisation on the device)
Headphone jack
A graphical menu for quick and easy navigation
Book cover preview on your reading list
Favourites list
In-book options including: bookmarks, font size, contents, jump to etc.
Games – including Sudoku and Othello with fast navigation and use of number keys
Applications – including Calculator and Calendar



JWF eReaderPRO, reviewed by David Stephan on 2012-02-03T18:57:46+00:00 rating 8.0 out of 10
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  1. Reply GadgetsBoy March 1, 2012 at 1:59 am

    What are they like compared to Kindle?

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