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Handwriting recognition for ebook readers

Handwriting for tablets and cell phones wasn’t too popular as it require some trainings to use properly so today’s devices doesn’t come with this feature. But the battle is not complete lost: Puzzle technology startup Puzzazz is giving handwriting recognition to any touch ebook readers (including Kindle Touch).

TouchWrite technology recognizes your handwriting, so you can write in numbers on the screen. Just use your finger -like you were writing in the sand -and your number will appear in the square. You can also tap in a square to enter notes.

The first ebook to incorporate TouchWrite technology is Sudoku Unbound Volume 3 by our own Scott Blomquist. It’s the third ebook in our top-rated and best-selling Sudoku Unbound series of Sudoku ActiveBooks. The ebook features 100 carefully crafted puzzles sure to delight solvers. In addition to Kindle Touch, Sudoku Unbound Volume 3 is also available for all other E Ink Kindle models, including the current-generation Kindle and the Kindle Keyboard (though handwriting recognition is only supported on the Kindle Touch).

Kindle Touch sudoku
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