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Old Kindle Versus Kindle 4

The new Kindle 4 come with an incredible $79 price tag. Many new Kindle 3 owners start to think to return the Kindle 3, buy Kindle 4 and save some money for others accessories like cases ... But is this a good decision? Is the new Kindle 4 better than Kindle 3 or at least the same but at a better price? Let's run our ...


Kindle Touch Versus Kindle 3

Yesterday Amazon make a predictable step to touch screen for Kindle Family. So, here it is Kindle Touch. Amazon keep the same base recipe for models in the new Kindle touch generation: two ebook readers with the same design and features with only difference in terms of communication: WiFi or WiFi + 3G. In ...


Comparison of the best e-book readers

What is most important feature for a ebook reader device? Display size? Storage options? Connectivity? Touch screen? Do you like to read only in the dark? Choose a ebook with LCD. Do you read a lot outside? Buy one with eInk display. Do you read a lot in any time of the day? Choose with eInk display and buy an ...


Kindle 3G Vs Nook – is The King dead?

One year ago I saw the Kindle 3G in a friend's hand. It was love at first sight... (for Kindle of course not for my friend...) and in 2 days I was on Amazon to order one for me. Now, after one year of intense use I can say that the Kindle 3G is the perfect ebook reader device. But in Technology kingdom a king don't ...