Amazon Kindle was the first real ebook reader on the market. But the reader device revolution start last summer when the new Kindle 6 inch was launch. The new Kindle generation come with 50 percent better contrast, 20 percent faster page turns, 15 percent lighter, up to one month of battery life at affordable price.

Now, one year after, is the Kindle still the King of the eBook readers? In this review I analyze it after I use the Kindle almost every day for last 11 months. Now, I’m Kindle dependent to read the newspapers or books. I cannot remember when I read the last book or newspaper in classic format… Only one exception: magazines. Because Kindle doesn’t provide color display, I prefer to read magazines in classic format on real paper.

There are two 6 inch Kindle versions available: Kindle 3G + WiFi and Kindle WiFi only. I highly recommend Kindle 3G version if you are plan to read newspapers on it and you are a traveler. Also, each version are available in two colors: white and graphite.

Kindle Display
Kindle Storage
Kindle portability
Kindle autonomy
Where to buy Kindle

Kindle graphite vs Kindle white
Kindle Display

Kindle use E Ink Pearl display and I just love it! This is the main reason I bought Kindle. Kindle’s screen reads like real paper and it is easy to read in bright sunlight.

In below video clip (it is a Kindle commercial) you can see the main benefit of E Ink display device like Kindle vs tablet PC:

Kindle Storage

The built-in 3GB of memory allows you to store over 3500 eBooks. No micro SD card slot like Nook but in almost one year I’m still faraway of memory full error on my Kindle. So, if 3GB storage is enough for a hard user like me, the lack of micro SD card should not be a problem.

Kindle in hand

Kindle fits comfortable in your hand, more comfortable than a real book

Kindle Portability

When I was in vacation to the beach some people read bulky real books. I was happy to see how lucky I’m with lots of books in such a small form… Also, I was able to buy new books in few seconds or just browse in Kindle Store for new books and read first chapters to see if it is an interesting book or not. Classic books are so old fashion..

Weight: Kindle WiFi: 8.5 ounces (240 grams) / Kindle 3G: 8.7 ounces (246 grams)
Height: 7.5 inches (190mm)
Width: 4.8 inches (122mm)
Depth: 0.335 inches (8.5mm)

Kindle dimensions

Kindle is thin like a pencil but feels durable when using it.

Kindle Autonomy

Kindle is the Autonomy King! One month (with 3G and WiFi off) if you read for one hour a day. In the box you will find a micro-USB cable for charging your Kindle from a computer USB port. This cable also provide connection to your PC for documents upload like pdf files.

Kindle Newspaper

Every morning I read the Newspapers on my Kindle. It is like a ritual.


As I told you in introduction part of this review: I’m Kindle addicted. In the morning I read newspapers receive via 3G before I weak-up, I listen audio books on my way to work, sometime I read books in lunch breaks and before go to sleep I read few pages or just browse in Kindle shop (the keyboard is so useful when you are searching for books in shop). The Kindle experience is wonderful and you will see that the future of reading books is ebook readers devices.

I give 5 stars/5 starts to Kindle 3G.


I use the Kindle's keyboard when I search for books in Kindle Shop or when I post on Twitter.

Where to buy Kindle

You can get the Kindle 3G on Amazon for $189. It is available an ad sponsored Kindle 3G version with special offers for $139.

You can get the Kindle Wi-Fi on Amazon or $139. It is available an ad sponsored Kindle 3G version with special offers for $114.

Kindle review, reviewed by David Stephan on 2011-08-01T13:40:37+00:00 rating 10.0 out of 10